When I was in middle school I joined an improv team with the Arizona Jewish Theater Company. I learned the basics of improv from Second City Alumni, and I also learned how lame my jokes were.

We worked on that.


Later I went on to do community theater around Arizona, and even performed at the Herberger. I took karate to harness my inner wax on wax off, and I learned archery, you know, before it was cool. 


When I was eleven I booked my first on camera role on a local teen show.


I continued my training in acting when I went to college. I spent half of my time training in performance, half of my time studying psychology, and in a fourth dimension I did internships. At 19 I auditioned and was accepted into the Groundlings. I once again learned how lame my jokes could be.

We worked on that.


Trying to finish up my double degree, I took a break with the Groundlings and completed my schooling in four years.

After college I interned with A Noise Within, where I was classically trained with the best team of actors and directors.


I performed improv and sketch with a wonderful group known as Duchess Riot, and formerly co-produced a two woman show called "The K-Lo Sketch Show!" It was the longest running show at Open Space Theater on Fairfax, for two years running.  


I completed the core program at the Upright Citizen's Brigade, and have been exploring other classes in their advanced program. I frequently perform with the indie teams "Mystery Machine,"  "I Believe In You, Peter," and "Meg Ryan Reynolds".


You can frequently see me hanging out on the Machinima Live show "VR Power Hour," where I join Rob and Nadav in the testing out the latest Virtual Reality games.


I love Sci-Fi, Video Games, Action, Poetry and Comedy. 


I’ve got a million interests, but none so near and dear to my heart as creating stories worth telling.


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and other things about me:




Hello, and thank you so much for checking out my website! 


When I was a kid you couldn’t keep me from jumping up and trying to fight the storm troopers when they came on screen. Every day was a new adventure, but the real fun began when I saw my sister in a Murder Mystery play at church. (We went to a pretty progressive church). That was when I realized that you could not only enjoy the story, but be apart of it as well.


I knew from that day on that this was all I wanted to do.